The Thursday Thing

For many of us the deeply depressing results of the 2016 election have been followed by an overwhelming surge of causes needing our attention. We are bombarded with lists of ‘today’s action’; ‘urgent calls’; ‘weekly checklists’ and it feels overwhelming.

So we’re pledging to set aside some time on Thursday nights to catch up on all the calls and letters we haven’t made and to plan out any actions we want to take in the week ahead.

To keep yourself motivated team up with friends or join our video conference – details to be posted on Facebook.

How to do The Thursday Thing?

  • Pledge to set aside a few hours each Thursday night to work on the anti-Trump agenda. **You can of course do this on another night of the week but we’re not registering another domain name!
  • Invite friends and neighbors over (and stock up with some wine, cheese or chocolate!) and/or join us online.
  • Be prepared with paper, stamps, envelopes, phones, iPads and computers.
  • During the week keep a list of people you want to reach out to and a note of what you want to say.
  • Check our Resource page for a list of websites, Facebook pages or Twitter accounts that provide suggestions for action.
  • And if doing The Thursday Thing works well for you, bring someone new on board to join us – like any good pyramid scheme, the more people the better.** but don’t let reuniting with a long-lost friend keep you from maximizing your Twitter output!

Request an invite to  The Thursday Thing Facebook group.