Getting Ready

Read The Indivisible Guide for best practices for making your representatives pay attention as described by former congressional staffers.

Update your phone contact lists to include all your representatives.  The folks at Call Trump Out have made it easy for you to do this.

The White House have shut off communication from constituents but you can always contact Trump’s businesses to tell them about your reservations with the racist agenda of their boss using White House Inc

If you don’t have a twitter account, get one.  And get some old fashioned paper, envelopes and stamps ready too 🙂  (We’ve been told that letters to your representatives require return addresses on both envelope and letter or they will not be considered legitimate)

Look up your representatives and put their numbers on speed dial.  Find your congressional reps here  If you are in New York City  you can find all your local representatives as well —  here

Since phone lines have been ringing off the hook and voicemails are full use faxzero to send free faxes to your representative.

Please, find friends to join you, on Thursday nights and always.  We’ve got a long fight ahead of us and they are hoping we will get overwhelmed and discouraged: we cannot afford that to happen.

Immediate Actions

Text Resist to 50409 or check out Resistbot for any easy way to contact your representatives on the go – this handy tool will transform your text messages into letters to congress.

Solidarity Sundays is a national network of feminist activists with monthly Sunday action meetings taking place around the country (they provide a great monthly script complete with explanations and actions).  They also suggest daily actions that can inspire your thursday evening activism

The folks behind the Women’s Marches are encouraging continued action with their  10 actions in 100 days — the first is a simple post card to your representatives, which seems like a pretty minimal ask, though 4 million people sending post cards ain’t nothing!

Sign up for Daily Action Alerts and you will get a text message with a suggested script and direct connection to your representative each day.  You can catch up with previous actions listed on their Facebook page

Wall of Us: provides 4 actions per week, with good explanations & scripts

High Five provides five different actions you can take each week, some more involved than others

5 Calls: Provides various actions you can select from with scripts for calls about each to your representative.

Weekly Action Checklist: Extensive, well-researched & organized sets of actions & info in a google doc. This is also available from our Weekly Actions tab.

Weekly Resistance: A weekly call to action, plus a resource where you pick your issue, pick your Rep, and get a phone # for that Representative & a script to use

The Sixty Five: The 65 (million who voted against Trump): Similar to Weekly Resistance: a weekly call to action, and then a list of issues and resources for acting on those issues.

The week ahead and longer term

Join MoveOn, Working Families Party and the folks behind the Indivisible Guide to ResistHere! by committing to visiting your representatives on Tuesdays at their offices (or homes).  They also have resources for organizing and for finding local groups.

This spreadsheet lists townhall meetings of many representatives: see if you can attend one to address them in person.

Sign up to join the Injustice Boycott  which aims to combat police brutality, racial violence and systemic injustice in America.  Also follow BLM activist Shawn King   – his facebook feed highlights the system inequity in our society and provides frequent calls to action.

Sign up for email actions from longstanding, reputable organizations including ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Standing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), and, among others.  And don’t forget to set up your recurring monthly donations.

My Civic Workout: Newsletter & resources for various kinds of activism & engagement

In addition to fighting the current administration we have to move aggressively to give the power back to the people.  Fairvote fights for equitable representation – whether that means countering the republican gerrymandering or pushing for ranked choice voting  Swing Left focuses on winning back swing districts for Democrats while Brand New Congress pushes for a complete overhaul and replacement with more progressive representatives

Local organizing

Our States is a great resources for finding legislation in every state that you can support or Resist!  As they point out your local representatives are more easily influenced given their smaller constituent base and more direct connection to voters.

Find a grass roots group near you — input your zip at The Indivisible guide and you can see a list of local grass roots group near you

NYers can find great local actions at Take Action NYC and if you are in Brooklyn join GetorganizedBK activist who are working to combat Trump on many fronts.

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